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Crisp, compressed scans of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac!

can you tell this was supposed 2 be a ui element? Once upon a day i had just got JTHM #1 in the mail, and upon realizing how much filler was cut from the directors cut, on top of there being no good scans online, i took up the mantle of DOING IT MYSELF. naturally other people wanted it so here we go!! might make this web-readable also. dunno if thatd get me taken off neocities but! who knows. not me! and i dont care ive been on this site since 2015 they can kill me if they want.

IMPORTANT: These r slightly compressed versions of the source files. you can obtain them thru the mega folder linked in my links page.

Unannounced new comic

This ones gonna be hot off the presses the second u get to see it! itll be announced on twitter the second its ready enough to be gawked at from afar by strangers in public. Dont expect this one super soon! No release date yet.